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MBA Marketing Management

Program's organization

Today, marketing is about understanding consumption culture in globalization, as it is about mastering digital communication or data interpretation techniques.

L’ICD, école internationale du commerce, du business développement et du marketing Groupe IGS, présente à Paris et Toulouse, propose à ses étudiants 8 MBA spécialisés. Les MBA Spécialisés de l’ICD, possibles en alternance, ont été conçus pour répondre à une double exigence d’expertise et d’ouverture.


La qualité des contenus, l’expertise et la diversité des intervenants ainsi que les outils pédagogiques numériques comme présentiels permettront aux étudiants qui suivront le MBA Marketing Management d’être totalement équipés pour répondre aux défis qui se posent aux entreprises.


En savoir plus sur les autres MBA spécialisés de l’ICD International Business School.


Ce programme est proposé complètement en anglais.


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 boris Scientific Coordinator : Boris Maynadier to know more

Brands performance depends on their capacity to provide meaningful experiences through a relevant positioning strategy, open social relations and smart product design. The Marketing Management MBA course give you tools and concepts to drive marketing strategies in the globalized experience economy. Recruiters want job-ready graduates. Strong technical skills and global vision are now necessary to all marketers. That’s why we give you broad and up-to-date skills in marketing to successfully initiate and run clever marketing projects. Our learning method is based on a strong theoretical teaching put into practice. You will learn advanced marketing principles and be able to apply them in real-world projects.

Competencies prepared

  • Managing the Marketing Function
  • Leading global Marketing Strategies
  • Improve Digital Marketing Performance
  • Designing and Managing Consumer Experiences
  • Developing Brand Equity and Identity
  • Developing & Changing Management
  • Soft Skills Development Program

Career Openings

  • Director of Marketing
  • Brand Manager
  • Director of Communication
  • Marketing Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Agency Account Executive
  • Community Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Market Research Manager


  • Managing the marketing function
    • The role and positioning of the Marketing Function
    • Financial & HR Management for Marketing
    • Marketing Research: tools and techniques
  • Leading global marketing strategies
    • Strategies d’innovations commerciales et nouveaux modèles d’affaires
    • MOOC
    • Marketing des services et stratégie numérique
  • Improve Digital Marketing performance
    • Social Marketing
    • E-réputation et communication digitale
    • Mesure et analyse de la performance E-marketing
  • Designing and managing consumer experiences
    • Experiential marketing
    • Challenge Auchan
    • Merchandising on-line & off-line, purchase experience
  • Developing Brand equity and identity
    • Managing Brand Identity and image
    • Marketing B to B
    • Advertising strategy
  • Développer
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation par le Design Thinking
    • Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS)
  • Soft Skills Development Program


    TOUATIRobin Touati Francqueville, class of 1992, Lycamobile France, Country Manager

    “After university I was hired by Danone to help grow its supermarket sales. Then, Carrefour’s purchasing department hired me to negotiate national supplier listings and launch private labels. After that, I worked at Thomson supervising the launch of several of its products and overseeing sales in 26 European countries. More recently, I have worked for foreign mobile operators, creating and establishing their brands and subsidiaries in France and helping them become the leaders in their markets. Currently, I am the country manager at Lycamobile France, where I have been working for more than four years at the head of a 1,200-person company, mostly dedicated to sales and marketing. My years at ICD were a springboard for my career where I gained the essential skills I needed for my future: a comprehensive, fascinating education taught by professors and instructors who were themselves executives with knowledge of the business world; internships at major companies that trained me by giving me real responsibilities; and an entrepreneurial spirit to guide me, give me a full grasp of the business and spur my performance.”

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L’ICD, école internationale du commerce et du marketing propose un programme Grande Ecole en 5 ans, sanctionné par un Grade de Master. Tournée vers l’international, cette Business School offre la possibilité d’études à l’international et accueille des étudiants étrangers dans ses programmes internationaux, dispensés en anglais. ICD, la Business School qui offre 9 spécialisations sur des métiers qui recrutent aujourd’hui et recruteront demain.