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Mobilité Internationale de Crédits 2017-2019

Témoignage de Zhanna Sierikbayeva, Enseignante-chercheur

Erasmus+ provided me with the opportunity to participate in the program of mobility for teaching. This was a very useful experience. Working abroad has been an advantage in various ways, specifically in that it has improved our communication skills, getting to learn more about a new culture and broaden our personal experiences. This experience was beneficial for teaching methods and contents of my study programs and for international cooperation in study programs.

I have lectured “International Corporate Finance” course for ICD Master students as part of their study program. The courses formed part of their first year of studies at ICD Master level. During each classes, there were discussions with the students about my lectures, their work, and ways in which the theories I had described might be applied to their dissertation projects and their business.

The visit allowed us to strengthen research links with ICD teaching staff and AlmaU within the framework of the Erasmus+ Exchange program.

I am looking forward to participating in a similar program again.

Zhanna Sierikbayeva

Zhanna Sierikbayeva, Enseignante-chercheur

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