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International Programs

Bachelor in Business Administration – BBA

The  BBA of ICD, the business school of the IGS Group, offers a 3 year course focused on  international business development, operational marketing, intercultural management and business strategy.
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Master in International Business Development

This Master Program allows students to develop modern business approaches and pragmatic management skills. Graduates initiate careers in a wide range of sectors such as business development, export area management, international retailing, purchasing, business development in consulting agencies, international business unit management…
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Master in International Events Management

This Master Program, allows students to develop competencies allowing them develop and orchestrate relevant, creative, practical  and secure events at to create strong relationships between brands and their audiences.
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MBA Program

The MBA program of ICD is a 1 year program which trains experts in Business Development specializing in trade between Europe and Asia. Taught by professors and professionals in high-level courses that combine both theoretical and practical applications, the program allows students to become experts in international business development, operational marketing, intercultural management or business strategy.
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L’ICD, école internationale du commerce et du marketing propose un programme Grande Ecole en 5 ans, sanctionné par un Grade de Master. Tournée vers l’international, cette Business School offre la possibilité d’études à l’international et accueille des étudiants étrangers dans ses programmes internationaux, dispensés en anglais. ICD, la Business School qui offre 9 spécialisations sur des métiers qui recrutent aujourd’hui et recruteront demain.

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