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ICD, The business school of the IGS Group

The IGS Group, founded in 1975, is part of the French higher education system.

The Group is comprised of 9 departments offering programs certified and endorsed by the French State within its schools and training centers, in the following areas:

The Group operates in France and abroad with 5 campuses: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Dublin and Shanghai. The Group has a network of 5500 partner companies and 102 partner universities worldwide.

ICD is the business school of the IGS Group.

L’ICD, école internationale du commerce et du marketing propose un programme Grande Ecole en 5 ans, sanctionné par un Grade de Master. Tournée vers l’international, cette Business School offre la possibilité d’études à l’international et accueille des étudiants étrangers dans ses programmes internationaux, dispensés en anglais. ICD, la Business School qui offre 9 spécialisations sur des métiers qui recrutent aujourd’hui et recruteront demain.

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