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International Business & Emerging markets

Program's organization

L’ICD, école internationale du commerce, du business développement et du marketing du Groupe IGS, présente à Paris et Toulouse, propose à ses étudiants 8 options de 5ème année. Les options de l’ICD sont possibles en alternance. Elles ont été conçus pour répondre à une double exigence d’expertise et d’ouverture.


La qualité des contenus, l’expertise et la diversité des intervenants ainsi que les outils pédagogiques numériques comme présentiels permettront aux étudiants qui suivront l’option « International Business Development » d’être totalement équipés pour répondre aux défis qui se posent aux entreprises.


En savoir plus sur les autres Options de 5ème année de l’ICD Business School.


Ce programme est proposé complètement en anglais.

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 Dobrina-Ramphort Scientific Coordinator : Dobrina Ramphort To know more

This is an ideal program for students wishing to add an international business competence to their engineering, scientific or general business background. The professors share first-hand experience from working and living around the world.

Competencies prepared

  • Mastering a full-fledged package of skills in International Trade
  • Defining innovative approach
  • Dealing with administrative and legal constraints in international exchanges
  • Analysing Market and customers needs
  • Developing and fully implementing International Strategies for businesses
  • Developing & Changing Management
  • Soft Skills Development Program

Career Openings

  • Export area manager
  • International purchaser
  • International Business Developer
  • Executive Director of MNCs
  • Worlwide Rep-Office


Mastering a full-fledged package of skills in International Trade

  • International Product Launch
  • Export techniques
  • Custom duties and trade barriers to Internationalisation

Managing Cultural Différences for Result Optimisation

  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Globalisation and Emerging Markets
  • International Marketing strategies

Dealing with administrative and legal constraints in International Exchanges

  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  • International Contracts Law
  • International Corporate Taxes

Implementing stratégies adapted to Customer needs

  • Managing risks in an unstable World
  • Innovation Process
  • Business Plan for product Launching

Developing and fully implementing international strategies for businesses

  • International Corporate Finance
  • International HR Management
  • International Purchasing


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation by Design Thinking
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS)

Soft Skills Development Program


donotAlexis Donot, class of 1991, Argus de la Presse, Managing Director

“The business world is a complex one in which constant change has become the norm. In order to grow, companies must be able to meet, or even anticipate, expectations and new uses and innovate all the while. Such are the strategic challenges for any business. A commercial success is not the result of chance. That’s why we apply all of our knowledge and expertise to constantly analyze our markets, reconfigure existing products and create new ones. We also explore new markets, in France and abroad, since sometimes future successes are found elsewhere. With a full and comprehensive curriculum and a strong international perspective, ICD has a solid understanding of the challenges that today’s companies face in a globalized, hyper-reactive economy. It is a real opportunity for anyone who attends this outstanding school.”


L’ICD, école internationale du commerce et du marketing propose un programme Grande Ecole en 5 ans, sanctionné par un Grade de Master. Tournée vers l’international, cette Business School offre la possibilité d’études à l’international et accueille des étudiants étrangers dans ses programmes internationaux, dispensés en anglais. ICD, la Business School qui offre 9 spécialisations sur des métiers qui recrutent aujourd’hui et recruteront demain.